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EyeStars Completing Postgraduate Work


John Lee, MD (EyeStar)

Undergrad: Rice University | Medical School: University of Miami

John Lee graduated with Distinction from Rice University in Biochemistry and Cell Biology after receiving a research grant and conducting multiple research projects, including development of a novel, binary liquid crystal thermometer for use in Malawi. He then matriculated to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where he graduated in 2021. He had already published 11 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 15 abstracts, and a book chapter when he successfully applied to the EyeSTAR program. Not content to be limited to the laboratory, John also traveled in the Philippines and Galapagos Islands as a medical missionary. He is fluent in Korean and Spanish. John plays multiple musical instruments, scuba dives, runs half marathons, and has hiked over 600 miles in mountainous terrain. Having already excelled so much, John Lee is up for the challenge of attaining a PhD in molecular biology and genetics through the EyeSTAR program as he is trained as a leading ophthalmologist at UCLA.


Emile Vieta, MD (EyeStar Genetics)

Undergrad: University of Puerto Rico | Medical School: San Juan Bautista

Emile Vieta-Ferrer graduated with Magna Cum Laude in Chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico, where despite the challenges of severe hurricanes, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry. After graduating with distinction from the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, he undertook a post-doctoral fellowship at the Pediatric, Developmental, and Genetic Ophthalmology Section at the National Eye Institute, where he studied the murine model of optic fissure closure and coloboma. He has had multiple scientific publications and presentations. In addition to serving in hurricane disaster relief in his home territory of Puerto Rico, Emile also traveled Peru as a medical missionary. He speaks Spanish and Italian. As the first EyeSTAR Genetics trainee, Emile will undertake clinical genetics fellowship training and conduct genetics research as he learns to be a leading ophthalmologist at UCLA. Emile then aspires to return to Puerto Rico to provide ophthalmic genetics consultation and establish an Eye Institute associated with the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.

Intern Year Residents @ Olive View-UCLA (PGY1)


Sara Emami, MD

Undergrad: UC San Diego | Medical School: UCLA

Sara Emami finished her undergraduate and Masters degrees at UC San Diego, winning multiple scholarships, before coming to the David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine.  Sara has an interest in epidemiologic research, working with Anne Coleman studying glaucoma, and has already presented her work at ARVO.  She has excelled academically and is described as a top scientist as well as a compassionate physician who goes out of her way to be sure that her patients are taken care of.  Sara has taken leadership roles in her medical school class.  She is also a recognized teacher, taking on significant teaching roles as an undergraduate and medical student. In her spare time, Sara enjoys acting, drawing and painting, as well as continuing her career in competitive swimming.


David Hsu, MD

Undergrad: Stanford | Medical School: U Penn

David Hsu was a Stanford undergraduate (on a tennis scholarship) before enrolling in medical school at Penn.  At Penn he established a reputation as a consummate clinician, with technical and emotional skills at the level of a resident.  He has excelled in his academic work throughout his career and is described as a quick learner, an analytic thinker, and a creative thinker.  He has done research in strabismus, dry eye and cardiology.  He is a contributor to his medical school class as a teaching assistant and serving on the admissions and curriculum committees.  During the pandemic he worked to be sure that patients could get care through telemedicine.  In his spare time, David coaches the University of Pennsylvania women’s tennis team.


Matthew Miller, MD

Undergrad: Rice | Medical School: Baylor

Matthew Miller finished his undergraduate degree at Rice in History and Biology, before enrolling in medical school at Baylor.  He is an academic superstar who won multiple awards at Rice and then continued with honors performance at Baylor, earning junior AOA. His professors comment not only on his academic prowess, intellectual curiosity, and his ability to work hard and work autonomously, but also his engaging personality and ability to bring the team together.  His academic projects included publishing his work in medical ethics. Despite his busy academic load, he has found time to support Meals on Wheels, to teach anatomy, and support students during Covid. Matthew’s hobbies include board games, reading, and house plants (including Bonsai.)


Erin Napier, MD

Undergrad: Georgetown | Medical School: University of Hawaii

Erin Napier graduated in Mathematics from Georgetown (where she played varsity volleyball) before starting medical school at the University of Hawaii.  She has shown outstanding ability in her scientific work, publishing multiple peer review papers (with a focus on strabismus), winning the ACS research competition, and presenting her work on the podium at the AAPOS and ASOPRS meetings. She has won multiple academic awards including a full tuition scholarship and a Gold Humanism essay award. Her mentors comment on her strong clinical skills, organization and follow-through. Erin is a self-starter and elevates her colleagues with her energy and enthusiasm. She finds time for community service, working with Rural Community Health in Hawaii.  Her hobbies include, naturally, surfing.


Ethan Osias, MD

Undergrad: Walla Walla | Medical School: UCLA

Ethan Osias finished his undergraduate degree in Business at Walla Walla before joining us at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  Ethan has established his academic credentials with multiple peer review publications, many of them in Orbit and Plastics. Even as a medical student, he was regarded as a gifted surgeon. His podium presentation on healthcare system cost analysis at the prestigious fall ASOPRS meeting was extremely well received.  He has mentored students in high school through medical school, and has been instrumental on the Stein Eye EDI committee. His leadership and community service were recognized with a National Medical Fellowships scholarship.  In his spare time, Ethan enjoys travel, basketball (varsity college athlete) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (he and Jason can teach a class for the Institute). 


Jason Strawbridge, MD

Undergrad: USC | Medical School: UCLA

Jason Strawbridge started out at USC where he finished his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Philosophy, before joining us at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  Jason has performed at the highest level academically throughout his career and has a reputation at UCLA as a quick learner, gifted physician who already functions at the level of a resident, and team player who is loved by his patients and who elevates all those around him.  He takes initiative and works independently, characteristics that are reflected in his outstanding research productivity (multiple publications and podium presentations.)  Despite the demands of his high-level academic performance, Jason finds time for community service, working with children as a teacher in outreach programs for elementary school students. In his spare time, Justin likes to play water polo and practice Brazilian Jiu Jjitsu.


Jessica Tran, MD

Undergrad: Tulane | Medical School: Mt. Sinai

Jessica Tran was an undergraduate at Tulane before entering medical school in the MD-MS program at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai.  Jessica began her research career as an undergraduate, with a three year grant to work in the Neurology department at Mass General. She has continued a very productive research year as a medical student with multiple publications focusing on glaucoma.   Jessica is an award winning student with a long list of scholarships and academic awards, including a Fulbright scholarship which she completed in Vietnam, teaching English.  She continues her passion for underserved populations, working in the East Harlem Student Run Ophthalmology Free clinic.  She is a straight Honors student at Mt. Sinai and her professors comment on her dedication to her patients, her positive attitude, her and clinical excellence.  In her spare time, Jessica enjoys tennis, backpacking, and art.


Maria Villalba, MD MS

Undergrad: Miami-Dade | Medical School: University of Miami

Maria Villalba was graduated with highest honors at Miami-Dade college before enrolling in the University of Miami.  Her academic performance has been stellar.  Her mentors describe her as organized and driven but at the same time humble and dedicated to her patients.  Her research productivity has also been at the highest level.  She has been awarded a long list of grants and fellowships including an RPB pilot project grant award and the Research Distinction Award.  Her list of publications in prestigious journals, and presentations at major meetings, are a testament to her passion and talent for research.  She also has an obvious passion for giving back to the community, taking care of the underserved in Miami and in Venezuela, teaching and mentoring middle school students, undergraduate and medical students. In her spare time, Maria likes working out (she won 1st place in the Miller May fitness challenge), painting and baking.

1st Year Residents (PGY2)

JSEI Residents & Fellows

John Cheng, MD

Undergrad: UC Berkeley | Medical School: University of South Florida

John Cheng was at UC Berkeley for his undergraduate education and finished medical school at the University of South Florida.  He performed at the highest level academically in medical school, garnishing numerous awards including Junior AOA.  He has a passion for quality improvement, taking leadership roles in the South Florida SELECT program. Despite his academic commitments, he has found time to contribute to the Tampa community as a volunteer.  His professors rave about his work ethic, ability to relate to patients, and his creativity as a researcher. His hobbies include cooking, cycling and gardening.

JSEI Residents & Fellows

Leila Chew, MD

Undergrad: Stanford | Medical School: UCLA

Leila Chew was an undergraduate at Stanford University before joining us at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  Many of you already know Leila as a result of her highly productive research time in our glaucoma division, working with Dr. Nouri-Mahdavi.  Leila as sparkled on the wards, earning a reputation as an energetic, upbeat, dedicated and skilled physician, admired and loved by faculty, fellow students, staff, and patients. Her dedication extends to giving back, for example as an anatomy tutor and volunteer in the Mobile Clinic Project.  In her spare time, she keeps up with international politics, experiments with new recipes, and plays beach volleyball.

JSEI Residents & Fellows

Bradley Grundlach, MD

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin - Madison | Medical School: UCLA

Bradley Grundlach grew up in Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin Madison, before joining us at the David Geffen School of Medicine.  He is a highly dedicated scientist who already has more than 13 publications, and his research mentors comment on his hard work, passion, and creative problem solving (likely related to his training as an electro-optical engineer.) Bradley is also a compassionate physician who has a reputation for going the extra mile for his patients. His compassion extends to his work with underserved communities, including the Mobile Eye Clinic.  In his spare time he enjoys cooking, guitar, hiking, and spending time with his dog.

JSEI Residents & Fellows

Ken Kitayama, MD MPH (EyeStar)

Undergrad: Columbia | Medical School: UCLA

Ken Kitayama was an undergraduate at Columbia University, and finished a Masters of public health at Johns Hopkins before joining us at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Ken has accumulated academic awards at every stage of his training, performing at a high honors level. He was awarded a scholarship to travel to Cuba in order to study retinoblastoma and cornea transplant. Ken found the time in Cuba very inspiring, and he is dedicated to improving the lives of patients, utilizing his skills and special training in public health and epidemiology. He has already published in these areas, and has worked with Dr. Coleman on our faculty.  In his spare time, Ken enjoys literature (he has translated poems from Spanish to English) and is a certified scuba diver. 

JSEI Residents & Fellows

Alan Kong, MD

Undergrad: Duke | Medical School: UCSF

Alan Kong completed his undergraduate education in Chemistry at Duke University, and finished medical school at UCSF. He has shown a passionate dedication to underserved patients throughout his training, serving in multiple free clinics and showing leadership in developing new systems for health care.  He has also shown leadership in undergraduate and medical school education.  He is productive and creative in research, with multiple publications in prestigious journals: his mentors note that he has an uncanny ability to conceptualize and finish a project. His hobbies include basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and Chinese yo-yo.

JSEI Residents & Fellows

David Peprah, MD

Undergrad: Harvard | Medical School: Yale

David Peprah got his master’s degree in biotechnology at Columbia University after finishing his undergraduate degree at Harvard College.  He graduated from medical school at Yale, where he established a reputation as a compassionate and talented clinician.  David is on course to be a leader and innovator in Ophthalmology, evidenced by his founding the Harvard Biotech Entrepreneurs group and completing the NIH Research Scholars Program.  His focus on giving back to the community is exemplified by his mentoring of middle school and undergraduate students.  In his spare time, David plays basketball, cooks, and works on his dexterity via knitting.

JSEI Residents & Fellows

Weilin Song, MD

Undergrad: UCLA | Medical School: Case Western

Weilin Song started out as a Bruin, finishing her undergraduate education here at UCLA before enrolling in medical school at Case Western Reserve. Her professional trajectory is headed toward a productive academic career:  she is already well published in retina and her mentors in Cleveland comment on her ability to balance clinical training with high level creative research.  That balance also shows up on the wards, where she is described as not only the brightest and most technically adept, but also the nicest clinician, loved by peers and patients alike. In her spare time, Weilin runs half marathons, works on perfecting her Mother’s traditional Chinese recipes, and rescues animals.

JSEI Residents & Fellows

Sydney Wendt, MD

Undergrad: UT Austin | Medical School: Baylor

Sydney Wendt joins us from Texas, where she finished her undergraduate degree at UT Austin before medical school at Baylor.  Despite the demands of her busy academic career (at the top of her class, Junior AOA) Sydney has found time for her passion of giving back to the community.  She has served as a coordinator for Lighthouse of Houston and has been active in community health, as well as teaching and mentoring medical students.  She is a self-driven and inventive researcher with multiple publications and presentations.  On the wards, she is known as a team player, quick learner, and compassionate clinician. Her hobbies include gymnastics (she is a retired elite competitor), running, yoga, and cooking.

2nd Year Residents (PGY3)

JSEI Residents & Fellows
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Angela Chen, MD

Undergrad: Yale | Medical School: UCLA

Angela Chen finished her undergraduate education at Yale before enrolling in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Angela has performed at the top of her class academically throughout her education, garnering multiple awards for scholarship and academic excellence. She has been very productive in her award winning and competitive grant supported research, including work with Anthony Aldave at the UCLA Stein Eye Institute, that has resulted in multiple papers and publications. Her clinical skills are highly recognized by her professors and peers: she is a brilliant and compassionate physician. Despite the demands of her high paced academic career, she finds the time for community service both locally in the Los Angeles community, and internationally in Vietnam. In her spare time, Angela enjoys running, cooking and traveling.

Erika Ellis, MD PhD (EyeStar)

Undergrad: University of Arkansas| Medical School: UC-San Diego

Ericka Ellis was an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. She took time out from her electrical engineering curriculum at to pursue her interests in ballroom dancing and theatrical costuming, but with an international flair as she worked briefly as an Irish scribe in Limerick. While a medical student at the University of California, San Diego, she took two years out for serious research as a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator studying retinal ganglion cell projections to the superior colliculus and lateral geniculate nucleus. Not content with this research experience, Dr. Ellis completed a master’s degree in Vision Science at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. It is therefore unsurprising that Dr. Ellis has entered the Stein Eye Institute EyeSTAR program to obtain her Ph.D. while pursuing her ultimate dream to become an ophthalmic physician-scientist researching vision restoration and neuroprotection

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Elise Ma, MD PhD (EyeStar)

Undergrad: UCLA | Medical School: University of Maryland

Elise Ma completed her undergraduate work in the College Honors program at UCLA before receiving her M.D. and Ph.D. in Neuroscience as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Her impressive breadth of research work has been funded by the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) and has resulted in multiple departmental research awards, numerous national conference presentations, and peer-reviewed publications.  Her passion for research and drive to be a skilled clinician-scientist led her to the EyeSTAR program for a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Joseph Caprioli.  In her spare time, Elise is a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys playing music and attending concerts. 

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Lukas Mees, MD

Undergrad: Emory | Medical School: Johns Hopkins

Lukas Mees finished his undergraduate education at Emory University (where he holds the record for 3000m steeplechase) before enrolling in medical school at Johns Hopkins. He is an accomplished and dedicated educator, taking leadership roles in teaching and mentoring middle-school, undergraduate, and medical students. His teaching expertise and creativity helped him to develop virtual teaching programs during the Covid pandemic.  He is also passionate about research and has published innovative work in the field of glaucoma.  Despite the demands of these creative activities and of keeping up honors level academic performance, Lukas finds time for community service, volunteering for vision screenings locally and internationally.  His hobbies include travelling, cooking and listening to Indie music.

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Sagar Rambhia, MD (EyeMBA)

Undergrad: Case Western | Medical School: Case Western

Dr. Rambhia completed both his undergraduate and medical school degrees at Case Western. His academic performance has been at the honors level throughout his time in Cleveland. He has been involved in research in Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery, and is studying the effectiveness of wet lab experience for surgical trainees. Sagar is a creative entrepreneur with a mastery of block chain technology: he managed a successful Bitcoin fund and has an outstanding reputation in the business community.  He hopes to use his analytic and entrepreneurial skills to improve health care delivery and to develop new technology in ophthalmology.  As an Eye MBA student at Stein Eye, he will get the formal training to help make that happen. His hobbies include travelling, cooking, and vintage cars.

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Yaqoob Qaseem, MD

Undergrad: Northwestern | Medical School: Northwestern

Yaqoob Qaseem has been at Northwestern University for both his undergraduate and medical school education.  Yaqoob is passionate about improving the health care of underserved populations; he has volunteered in community health clinics, mentored undergraduate and medical students, and served as the Education Chief for his continuity clinic.  He has excelled academically at every step of his education, elected to AOA at Northwestern.  On the wards, he has a reputation as a caring and communicative physician, an upbeat team player, and an insightful diagnostician.  Yaqoob is an accomplished pianist, award winning journalist, and an outdoorsman (running, backpacking, snowboarding, windsurfing and diving.)

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Junru Yan, MD

Undergrad: Northwestern | Medical School: Baylor

Junru Yan was an undergraduate at Northwestern and completed medical school at Baylor.  She is a gifted teacher who developed anatomy courses as an anatomy T.A., and piloted a support program for medical students beginning ward rotations.  Her academic performance at Baylor earned her nomination to AOA as a junior; her performance on the wards was characterized as masterful, at the level of a resident, and her professors comment on her positivity, likability and unflappability. She finds time to volunteer in the community, and stepped up during Covid to help with testing and wellness checks.  Junru’s hobbies include violin (she was concertmaster of the orchestra) and traditional Chinese dance.

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Kelly Yom, MD

Undergrad: Northwestern | Medical School: University of Iowa

Kelly Yom was an undergraduate at Northwestern University and finished medical school at the University of Iowa.  She has been a force of nature in publishing, winning awards and compiling a C.V. that already reads like a junior faculty (12 first-author peer reviewed articles, and counting). She has won multiple awards for research, starting with her undergraduate scientific work. Her clinical attendings comment on her energy, dedication, compassionate care, and teamwork. Kelly has also been active in the community, including work in the Free Eye Clinic and projects for pediatric patients. Her compassion extends to animals: she and her family run a dog rescue program. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys arts and crafts, and dance.

3rd Year Residents (PGY4)

Cheng, Sarah_5x

Sarah Cheng, MD (EyeStar)

Undergrad: Stanford | Medical School: Stanford

Sarah Cheng (EyeStar) has stayed at Stanford University for both her undergraduate and medical training. She has worked with highly regarded research mentors at Stanford and at the NEI, resulting in multiple publications including a paper in Nature. She is an inquisitive and resourceful scientist who has independently developed innovative approaches to her research. She combines her passion and skill in research with outstanding talent for patient care. Sarah’s clinical preceptors have commented on her calm confidence, compassionate bedside demeanor, advanced technical ability, and humility. Sarah has the drive, intelligence, and stamina to be a highly successful physician scientist. She is also a ranked figure skater, and her baking recipes have been published and used commercially.

Goodyear, Kendall_5x

Kendall Goodyear, MD

Undergrad: Cornell | Medical School: University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Goodyear did her undergraduate work at Cornell, Atrium Baccalaureus, and finished her medical school and Clinical Neuroscience Training Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Her medical school performance has been consistently at the Honors level; on the wards she has a reputation of being calm, confident, caring and compassionate, and a joy to work with. Somehow she also finds the time for volunteer work with the homeless population in Philadelphia.  Kendall has a particular interest in dance, and in addition to her research work in glaucoma, she is researching the relationship of ballet dancing to microsurgery skills. Her other hobbies are also active, including skiing, rowing, spinning, running, yoga and barre.  

Gunzenhauser, Robert_5x

Robert Gunzenhauser, MD

Undergrad: Harvard | Medical School: Wake Forest

Dr. Gunzenhauser finished his undergraduate degree at Harvard before starting medical school at Wake Forest, where his academic performance earned him Junior AOA.  Robert has already established his research career in Pediatric Ophthalmology, working with Stacy Pineles at UCLA: he presented his work on OCT in amblyopia and retinopathy of prematurity at the Advances in Pediatric Retina conference in Salt Lake City. He is also an enthusiastic teacher, serving as a lecturer to the first year medical school class and mentoring entering students.  At Wake Forest he had a reputation of being well prepared, dedicated, enthusiastic and having an incredible work ethic, always going the extra mile for his patients.  He is a multi-instrument musician and likes running, surfing and weightlifting.

Hubschman, Sasha_5x

Sasha Hubschman, MD

Undergrad: UCLA | Medical School: University of Miami

Dr. Hubschman finished her undergraduate degree at UCLA and medical school at the University of Miami. Sasha has risen to the top of her class at every level of education.  Her research at Stein Eye and Bascom Palmer has resulted in multiple publications and an ARVO presentation; her research mentors speak about her remarkable creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance.  Despite these academic demands, she finds time to pursue her passion for community service and has done significant volunteer work domestically and internationally, including a significant multi- year commitment to clinics in Central and South America. She has a reputation at her medical school as a hard working, unflappable team player, popular with peers, faculty, and dedicated to her patients. In her spare time, she instructs yoga, draws, and is an expert snowboarder.

Lorenzo, Maltish_5x

Maltish Lorenzo, MD

Undergrad: UCLA | Medical School: Harvard

Dr. Maltish was a UCLA undergraduate, on the Dean’s honor list with an Edie & Lew Wasserman Scholarship, and completed his medical degree at Harvard.  At Mass Eye and Ear, he has been able to work with our alumnus Lucy Shen on glaucoma research and she reports that Lorenzo is one of the best scientists to come through her lab.   Lorenzo has an amazing passion for service.  At every stage of training he has taken the time to give back to the community, showing executive skills in developing programs, creativity and initiative in fund raising and grant acquisition, and charisma and tenacity in taking leadership positions at UCLA and Harvard. His clinical preceptors remark on his clinical skill and compassionate, dedicated care.  Lorenzo finds time to play basketball, ski, hike, scuba dive, and make homemade coffee.

Margines, Ben_5x

Jack Margines, MD

Undergrad: Yale | Medical School: UCLA

Dr. Margines was an undergraduate at Yale and completed medical school at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  Working with Anne Coleman, he was able to develop a new algorithm for data analysis that resulted in 3 publications. In the lab he developed a reputation for creative problem solving skills, energy, and passion for mentoring younger students. He has also published papers in corneal research.  This was while amassing an honors level performance in his academic work, a Masters degree, and serving as President of the Ophthalmology Interest Group at UCLA.  He combines his scientific curiosity and acumen with clinical skills at the top of his class: he is known as a compassionate, dedicated and gifted clinician. Outside of work, Jack enjoys photography, hiking and camping, gardening and graphic design (he wins awards).

Oh, Angela_5x

Angela Oh, MD

Undergrad: Harvard | Medical School: UCLA

Dr. Oh finished her undergraduate degree at Harvard prior to medical school at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. A research year at Stanford was capped by her receiving the Marmor Blumenkranz Research Prize. Her CV includes multiple publications and presentations, including a first author paper with Alfredo Sadun. As a clinician, she has also excelled, graduating with a reputation as a compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated physician who goes the extra mile for her patients and who is admired and liked by all members of the team. Angela has parlayed her love of music into a non-profit corporation working with high school students.  In her spare time, she also enjoys ceramics, knitting, and yoga.

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Fellows & Residents
Roster 2020-21

Michel Sun, MD, PhD (EyeStar)

Undergrad: Rutgers | Medical School: Washington Univ in St. Louis

Dr. Sun finished her undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and completed her combined MD and PhD degree at Washington University in St. Louis. She finished her internship at Loma Linda Medical Center.  Michel’s research interest is in immunology, and she has studied cowpox immunoevasion protein and its role in modulating host defense. Most recently Michel has become involved in studying rheumatologic management of anterior uveitis. She has found time to participate in community outreach programs, educating undergraduate students about AIDS, and facilitating distribution of eyeglasses to underserved communities. Academically she has excelled at all levels, and earned honors during her pre- clinical years as well as during her clinical rotation on the wards. Michel is a competitive archer and an accomplished artist.

Zhuang, Iris_5x

Iris Zhuang, MD

Undergrad: MIT | Medical School: Baylor

Dr. Zhuang was an undergraduate at MIT, where she played varsity tennis, before entering Baylor College of Medicine.  At Baylor her performance has been outstanding, garnering multiple clinical honors and accolades from her preceptors, who describe her performance at the level of a first year resident. Iris has demonstrated research skills as an undergraduate and in medical school, with publications in cancer genetics as well as Ophthalmology.  In addition to her academic and athletic achievements, she managed to excel in major leadership roles including health policy work in Singapore and serving as President of her AMA chapter.  Iris still plays tennis, and also in her free time enjoys playing the violin (including as concertmaster) and reading.

Graduated 2023

Adrian Au, MD PhD (EyeStar)

Undergrad: USC | Medical School: Case Western

Dr. Au was an undergraduate at USC and completed medical school at Case Western Reserve University. He finished his internship at Olive View – UCLA Medical Center. Adrian aspires to be a physician scientist, and his passion for scientific research is evident from the number of his publications and presentations in national meetings. As a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow Adrian excelled in both clinical and bench research at Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cole Eye Institute, where he most notably studied molecular mechanism of photoreceptor degeneration in retinitis pigmentosa. His professors described Adrian as a self-motivated, competitive, extremely hardworking individual who performed at the level of an intern during his clinical rotation as a third year medical student.  Adrian is an avid soccer fan, and in his spare time he enjoys biking, hiking, and playing the violin.

Campagna, Gio

Giovanni Campagna, MD

Undergrad: University of Texas - Austin | Medical School: Baylor

Dr. Campagna finished his undergraduate degree at University of Texas Austin before completing medical school at Baylor. In medical school, he established himself as a consummate clinician, receiving honors and accolades on his clinical rotations and was elected into the Gold humanism honor Society. He is also an energetic researcher, with multiple publications under his belt including innovative studies of neuroblastoma, and podium presentations at major meetings. While performing at the highest level academically, he has found time for service work, participating in community outreach, global health, and taking a leadership position in Unite for Sight. In his spare time, he plays competitive tennis, collects watches, and carves wood.

Chen, Teresa

Teresa Chen, MD

Undergrad: University of Chicago | Medical School: Washington Univ in St. Louis

Dr. Chen received her undergraduate training at the University of Chicago before completing medical school at Washington University St. Louis. Teresa has been active in public service, participating in health clinics, leadership in the American Women’s Medical Association, and mentoring premedical and medical students. Working with our alumnus Don Kikkawa MD, she has published papers in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, among multiple publications and presentations. Her professors in St. Louis, where she consistently performed at the honors level, comment on her dedication, curiosity, energy, and dedication to her patients. Teresa has a life-long interest in art, and her work has been displayed in art shows; she is also an accomplished cyclist, and will enjoy our 12 month cycling season in Los Angeles.

Cory Hoeferlin, MD (EyeMBA)

Undergrad: Dartmouth | Medical School: Emory

Dr. Hoeferlin was an undergraduate at Dartmouth College and completed medical school at Emory University. Cory took a non-traditional route to medical school, with stops initially as a Scientist at RPS/Iris Environmental and then a Contract Environmental Data Analyst at Google. Upon arrival at Emory, Cory had been active in many leadership positions involving underserved communities. Cory’s research has combined his interest in economics and quality, focusing on the economic implications of emergent ophthalmology consultation for orbital wall fractures. Additionally, Cory is the recipient of numerous academic accolades and scholarships. In his free time, Cory enjoys urban farming, kayaking, and tacos. He is currently completing his internship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Lu, Amanda

Amanda Lu, MD MBA

Undergrad: Harvard | Medical School: Yale

Dr. Lu did her undergraduate work at Harvard College, and medical school at Yale.  Her interest in public health and health care disparities was stimulated by her experience as a Trustman postgraduate fellowship recipient to study ethnobotany in the Peruvian Amazon, work that earned her the Congressional Gold medal.   Her performance as a medical student has been at the highest level; she has a reputation as a model physician, and her professors comment on her maturity, compassion, brilliance, dexterity, and ability to work in a team. Her multiple research publications span a variety of interests, from Orthopedics, to General Surgery, to Urology and Ophthalmology. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys photography (she is a published photographer), painting and sailing.


Michael Mathison, MD

Undergrad: Washington Univ in St. Louis | Medical School: Washington Univ in St. Louis

Dr. Mathison finished both his undergraduate and medical school at Washington University St. Louis. His academic performance for all eight years in St. Louis was at the highest level, perennially showing up on the Dean’s list and receiving multiple honors and prestigious scholarships. On his clinical rotations, he consistently performed at the honors level, and more than one attending identified him as a star, one of the best medical students in many years. Michael is also has a reputation as a gifted teacher, and in addition to science tutoring and teaching MCAT courses, he is a clinical mentor for medical students. His undergraduate interest in engineering and device development paves the way for his research in wireless electrical stimulation for nerve regeneration. In his spare time, Michael enjoys golf, guitar, strength training, and hiking.

Onishi, Alex

Alex Onishi, MD

Undergrad: Berkeley | Medical School: Northwestern

Dr. Onishi was an undergraduate at University California Berkeley (as a Regents and Chancellor’s Scholar) and then finished medical school at Northwestern. Alex has seemingly been directed towards academic ophthalmology for his entire educational career: even as an undergraduate, he did high level research in lens proteins. As a medical student, he published multiple papers with our alumnus Amani Fawzi MD, who comments on his exceptional skills as a scientist, and his rapid rise within her research group to independent work and first authorship. Alex garnered clinical honors in almost all of his rotations, and his professors comment on his compassion, dedication to his patients, and clinical brilliance. Alex enjoys sports; he is a competitive soccer player, plays basketball, and lifts weights; he also enjoys fantasy and science fiction novels.

Graduated 2022

Abhinav Golla, MD

Undergrad: Stanford | Medical School: Stanford

Dr. Golla was at Stanford for his undergraduate and medical school education. Starting with Eagle Scout, Abhinav has excelled at the highest levels. He is a gifted scientist who took an extra year of training to learn advanced research and statistical techniques. His research on intraocular lens tilt won awards at ASCRS, and his work in OCT of corneal transplant resulted in new protocols at the eye bank. He has received multiple prestigious scholarships. He is also a talented and dedicated teacher who has taught and mentored students at the undergraduate and graduate level. In spite of the extensive time commitments of his academic work, he has found time to volunteer in multiple community activities. In his spare time, Abhinav enjoys hiking and backpacking in the wilderness. 

Terry Hsieh, MD

Undergrad: UCLA | Medical School: Boston University

Dr. Hsieh did his undergraduate degree at UCLA, finishing with highest honors before completing the MD/PhD program at Boston University. His research focuses on immune response and molecular biology as it relates to neuroprotection. He completed his PhD thesis in 3 years, and carried that energy and efficiency onto the wards, where he established a reputation as a brilliant diagnostician and dedicated physician who is diligent in taking care of his patients. Despite his heavy academic commitments, he made time for public service, showing leadership in medical school government mentoring underrepresented minority students. In his spare time, Terry enjoys basketball and cooking. 

Yoon Lee, MD

Undergrad: Northwestern | Medical School: Johns Hopkins

Dr. Lee was an undergraduate at Northwestern and attended medical school at Johns Hopkins. Her academic career is dotted with honors and scholarships. Yoon’s research focuses on pediatric ophthalmology: her biomedical engineering background has enabled her to develop and test new diagnostic devices. Her research mentors comment on her creativity and innovative problem solving, as well as her energy and drive. She is posed to make significant scientific advances in the field. As a clinician she is known for outstanding, dedicated patient care, and particularly enjoys working with children. Yoon is a talented singer, performing in acapella groups, and a regular participant of hot yoga. 

Justin Park, MD

Undergrad: Cornell | Medical School: Northwestern

Dr. Park was at Cornell for his bachelor’s degree in biology, and completed medical school at Northwestern. His innovative research with our alumnus Amani Fawzi, on retinal structure, won accolades when it was presented at ARVO. Justin also has a passion for leadership, and served as the president of Student Physicians for Social Responsibility. It is no surprise that he did well on the wards, establishing a reputation as an energetic, dedicated physician with great diagnostic skills. He is also an athlete, captaining a division title winning tennis team, a league championship winning soccer team, and achieving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

Andres Parra, MD

Undergrad: Washington Univ in St. Louis | Medical School: Baylor

Dr. Parra completed his undergraduate studies at University of Washington St Louis, and attended medical school at Baylor. He performed at the highest level in medical school, earning accolades from his professors, who describes him as an intelligent, hard-working, upbeat, and mature student who functioned like a resident, even as a medical student. Andres found time to volunteer extensively in community health clinics, and took the leadership role in mentoring younger medical students. He presented his research in keratoconus at the ACRS symposium in Los Angeles. In his spare time, Andres choreographs and dances hip-hop, and practices yoga. 

Lynn Shi, MD

Undergrad: Harvard | Medical School: Columbia

Dr Shi finished her undergraduate degree Cum Laude at Harvard before completing medical school at Columbia University. She has a passion for public service, and has worked with the underserved community throughout college and medical school. Among her many research projects, her work in glaucoma research has been lauded as particularly original, and has been presented at ARVO. On the wards, her professors commented on her ability to work hard, her diligence and compassion for patients. She uses her knowledge of retinal and optic nerve imaging to make difficult diagnoses. Lynn’s hobbies include traveling, cooking, running and swimming.

Ravin Sajnani, MD

Undergrad: University of Miami | Medical School: University of Miami

Dr. Sajnani attended the University of Miami through undergraduate and medical school. His academic work was at the highest level, earning him full-tuition scholarships. His talent extends beyond academic pursuits; he was captain of a competitive Indian folk dance team, and a member of the acapella choir. His research in lipid transport across the anterior chamber has resulted in a publication and ARVO presentation. He is known in Miami as a compassionate physician, good communicator, and dedicated team member who always goes the extra mile for his patients. Ravin’s hobbies include computer coding, reading, and hiking. 

Claire Smith, MD

Undergrad: University of Michigan | Medical School: University of Texas - Austin

Dr. Smith was an undergraduate at University of Michigan, finished a Master of fine arts in writing at University of Texas Austin, and attended medical school at the University of Chicago. Befitting her background as a writer, her public service has included programs for literary outreach, teaching writing and reading, and work as a public school teacher. Her interest in communication led to her research in Patient Experiences during Awake Surgical Procedures, a novel and relevant project that has resulted in multiple papers and presentations. She has a reputation as an articulate, mature, and dedicated physician. In her spare time, she reads and writes poetry. 

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